Current/Voltage Convertor

CVC 25/12.5

Current Converter CVC-25/12.5 is an electronic module designed to convert the input current signal to the desired output voltage signal. It is possible to perform a safe measurement with this module, because it provides galvanic separation of the input measured signal, output signal and power supply. For more accurate user measurement, the transmitter provides two input measuring ranges of 12.5A and 25A with high current overload up to 17A (36A) for 10 seconds at least. The great advantage of the module is its use in a wide range of frequencies, ranging from measuring DC values to frequencies up to 100 kHz. Other advantages of convertor are very good linearity over the entire input current range, low temperature dependence, wide input voltage range, low self-consumption, or the possibility to use a frequency filter output with a maximum frequency of 2.5 kHz.

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